31 August 2008

drivel about my hair

On the 21st, a friend cornrowed my hair across the crown of my head.  It took lots of heaviness off my bangs and was very comfortable.  The rest of it just flowed back without any fuss and muss.  I really liked it and it stayed in for a long time.  I'd post a pic, but haven't a webcam at the moment.

I washed my hair everyday, and it lasted until today.  I finally took it all out cuz the top of my head was getting a little fuzzy and the braids were getting loose cuz my hair grows incredibly fast.  The thing is, now my head is way hot.

I hadn't realized how much of a difference that style makes.

style.  yeah.


  1. I just dreadlocked my hair.It really makes me feel different. You'll figure out a new style, or go back to more cornrows. Hair inevitably leads us off into a new adventure or a new chapter in our ut what came first? The woman or the hair?


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