08 August 2008

one down! 524 to go...

k, just to let you know that i won't be posting at often as i have of late.  my hands will be busy crocheting and i don't have that new fangled voice dictation thingamajig that just is so not me {shudder}.  i wanted to post this pic tho.  it's the first of 525 squares needed to assemble amazing's quilt-ghan.  it's the watercolor variegated yarn, which i couldn't adequately describe.

to paraphrase:  all projects begin with the first step.  now i must scamper off!


  1. This is beautiful!!!!

  2. Catching up on all of your posts.  Good goin' , it's gonna be beautiful!   Anne

  3. "watercolor variegated" just *sounds* cool!  Have fun.



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