04 August 2008

not mine, but it's an intimate visitor

  this hellish dreaded pain constricting me knocks me so low; i cannot stand beneath it, cannot breathe, cannot bear this.

i've been having a rough morning.  getting rougher with the passing hours.  and i've been doing all i can.  but it is weighing heavier, and the effort is too much.

intellectually i KNOW that this is not forever, that i will and am getting thru this.  but that knowledge is not informing my feelings, which are just so devastating and getting worse all morning.  i hate this.  i hate to be talking about it.  i hate dealing with this.


  1. Oh Deb.  Wish I could just sit with you and be there.  Hugs, hugs, hugs.

  2. The words "Firing Squad" come to mind...


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