07 August 2008

another short short from ago

The Next Day (circa 98)

“Shhhh, Anna,” Mom scolded my little sister into being quiet.  Anna hid her mouth with her hands, too bad she could not as easily hider her shrieking laughter, piercing my ears.  “Sorry, Linnzee,” she lisped as quietly as she could.  I nodded, feeling my thoughts rattle and scatter.  I hope my smile did not look like a grimace to her.  I wish they would leave the room, all of them.  In fact, I wish they would leave the hospital, leave me alone.  Chances of that happening are very slim though.  I love my family, but sometimes…

“Baby, is there anything I can do for you?  You want some juice?  You cold?  Want another blanket?  Anna, be quiet,” Gramma raised her voice sharply and just as sharply the ax that she intended to slice Anna’s sing-song chatter sliced into my brain and I think I screamed.  But I am wrong.

Aunt Doddy opened the drapes, “Let’s get some light in here.  That ought to cheer you up.  It’s so dark, someone would think…”  Turning into the pillow, I try to avoid the shafts of dusty beams that prick and pry at my grainy eyelids and poke into my hot dry eyes.  Her bright tinkering prattled on and on and I never really liked her anyway.

Minnie, ironically, is the only one I do not mind at the moment.  She is quietly rubbing my shoulder, slowly.  She’s just visiting Gramma for a spell.  Never met her before in my life.  But right now, I want only her with me.  They would be so upset though.  Must not offend them.

I hear those by now familiar sounds of an angel in white, come to rescue me from my loving family.  The door gently swished, soft crepe scruffles on the tiles.  Then, blessedly cool hands touch my face and I can feel everyone shift away from me, rearranging their space to center on the nurse.  Anxious to appear concerned but not stifling, Mom asks, “When can she come home?”

I am hoping there is not an answer.

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