30 October 2010

It's that time of the year

Yesterday evening, I thought, "I'd like a pumpkin hat". So I made one. Today, I broke out my hat collection~~and I wore the three foot long pink and white fuzzy one this evening. It was so very warm and cozy!

As we enter the last two months of the year, our holiday season has begun. It's our wedding's first anniversary. We'll be driving down the Trace to Natchez and revisiting our B&B. We're both excited and really looking forward to that!

I think we plan to do Thanksgiving dinner here, as we did last year. We'll have a few family and some friends. It really depends on who has what plans and will be where.

I'm not sure what we will do for Christmas. I know we'll be here. But I'm not sure if we'll decorate or what we'll do for dinner.

I have not been in the mood to crochet lots like I've done for years now. Usually, I know what I want to make for whom. But this year, that spirit hasn't moved me much. I cannot believe it's coming up this quickly!

My Jerry finished his shopping months ago and wrapped it all earlier this month. I am really glad about that! He's awesome! When I wrap stuff, it looks like a three year old got ahold of the tape and paper. It makes me wonder if I was really thinking when I bought the material to make a slip~cover for our reading sofa.

25 October 2010

proud november baby since 1970

I'd love this, in a zipper hoodee.


This is for you, baby.

{as always, click on pix for a larger view}

24 October 2010

stumbling around

One man's trash is another couple's art. Tim Noble and Sue Webster, an English couple in their mid~40s, created this piece. I would probably not tolerate this in my own home, but the concept is kinda cool, as long as the mess is elsewhere. I'd be a horrible mother, as I'd probably not have the patience to wait to see what my youngsters were creating with the pile of crap in their bedrooms. Or the middle of the living room floor. On the other hand, I've know folks to use any excuse possible to get out of cleaning. I've even indulged in the excuse~justification rationale when it comes to keeping my floors less than dog~furr clean...{whistling while looking elsewhere}.

23 October 2010

08 October 2010

fat's not so funny

I recently was reading an article reprinted in Utne called, "On Being Fat and Running". The author, Brenton Dickieson, had an epiphany:

The first of my revelations came, as so many of my spiritual moments do, while I was watching The Simpsons. At my heaviest, I realized, I was the same weight as Homer’s lightest. In America, this is apparently “funny fat.” Despite internal objections that cartoons don’t wear their weight the same as I do, the coincidence was a personal blow.

My own slow awakening has resulted in my joining the local Wellness Connection, a fitness center that is affiliated with our county's hospital. Long time readers may recall me grabbing my swim~suittee and diving into the fitness waters in years past. Well, at that time, I would go for several hours per day, submerse myself in water~workouts, floating in calming waters, and splish~splashing my way to a bit healthier lifestyle. Then there was some shit a few years back, and all that came to an abrupt end.

It's my own fault that I didn't continue to keep fit. It's my own fault that I've regained all the weight that I'd lost and then some. Even tho I didn't have access to the Wellness, I could have still maintained some activity on my own.

Last month, my husband finished up his physical therapy and last week, he joined the Wellness Connection. The initial fee for joining was waived for him, as he was transferring from the physical therapy side of the building to the other side which houses the gym, with the pools connecting the two portions. I was able to rejoin at a reduced fee, and we were able to qualify for the couple's membership fee {and he is staff at the university, so that helps even more!}.

Yesterday, I finished up my initial training, complete with a health~assessment {including some lab~work which focused on my glucose {normal}, cholestral {normal}, and triglyceride {high} levels}. Altho I am pushing the scales to heavier than I had when I joined five years ago, overall my current health is better than it had been.

While that is good news, it's rather disturbing that I've let myself go to this point. The sheer girth of my mid~section makes it a chore to tie my boots and being intimate is not always something I feel inclined to do when feeling rather ungainly and uncomfortable. For these and other reasons, I'm determined to slim down, tone up, increase my energy levels {which have been sucking for about a year now}, and increase my stamina.

Since I enjoyed the water so much at the Wellness Connection before, that's where I am starting this time too. Later today, I'll be suiting~up, diving in, and working out. Cuz fat's not so fun.

05 October 2010

local band making good

Nash Street is formed here in Starkville, Mississippi a few years back. This past Sunday, their video "Mississippi Queen" was posted on youtube. If you like country, you'll like this. I'm not wild about that genre, but I do like to support local efforts to make good, such as Nash Street; so if you want, you can take a look yourself!!

Nash Street's Mississippi Queen

Just click on the links.

03 October 2010

i love potatoes, they're...


To My Jerry, I know our first anniversary is a scant four weeks away, so I'd like a wide variety of potatoes, please.