04 August 2008


I may be going to see the breastest doc again soon.  There are two lumps that have become more noticeable in the past few days.  I know they are not cancer, but fluid filled cysts.  Rather benign, just somewhat tender at this stage.  If they become painful, it'll be time for an aspiration.  Last time the breastestest doc tapped my breast, just a few months back; he drained over a quarter cup from one cyst.  He was surprised that I was not panicked about the lump's presence, given the fear of cancer so many women have.  I told him that I've always been a lumpy-bumpy person, even as a child.  If I went running to the doc every time lumps and bumps appeared on my person, I would just schedule standing appointments!


  1. Well, get thee to the doc girl and get rid of that fluid!  I too ... lumpy bumpy ... makes for tougher workouts for the x-ray techs.

  2. My breastesses are the same as yers.  Lumpy, bumpy, and always of great interest to the mammery-o-gram readers.  The first time I freaked, now I yawn at them.  "Oh REALLY? There's a lump?  Ok..."


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