03 August 2008

The Happy Yellow House: Woven Quilt-Ghan

  This quilt-ghan is also featured at the Happy Yellow House.  I will be using soft navy and country blue for the medium and light blues you see here.  Also, I will use soft white for the aran blocks you see.  I have way more than enough yarn to finish this and not need to substitute or modify muchly.

This quilt is for Friend Adria (and her stellar husband), who has made numerous appearances here in my journal.  The introduction of the Booty-Bug was due to her youngest child, my littlest friend who is getting bigger by the day.  Adria doesn't have access to the net, so she doesn't read my journal, so it's way ok to share my plans here {wink}.

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  1. You are a scooch!  If I knew Adria I would be calling her right this second and saying, 'quick, get Internet access!'


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