01 August 2008

time is on my side {yes it is}

  I love this scene.  It struck me as familiar on so many levels when I stumbled across it this morning.  But there was one particular thought that nibbled on my brain.  Then it clicked into place.  Hard as this is to believe, this picture is used on the cover for my favorite statistics book.

There are all sorts of songs' lyrics that have been occurring to me in the past week.  I've not mentioned many of them, because I thought it was rather trite to do so.  Well, fuck that.  Lately, the song that I keep softly singing when I'm not particularly aware of it, has been "time is on my side"; esp the version that was featured in the movie "Fallen".  It's a softer version that is sung by various characters, acapella.  If you've not heard it, give it a listen.  Pretty sure YouTube would have it, or watch the movie, it's a good story line that raises some interesting questions.

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  1. Beautiful picture, that.  Time ... ime ... ime ... it's on my side, yes it is.   .... great song too.


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