02 August 2008

a tall yarn

In addition to the yarns that I've already spoken about, let me tell ya about the yarn that I picked up today for the Ancient Greek Games, over in Crochetville.  All of it is Red Heart, some Super Savers, some Jumbo, and some regular.  Here's a list:

6 16oz skeins of soft white
3 16oz skeins of light sage
2 16oz skeins of soft navy
4 7oz skeins of country blue
4 5oz skeins of watercolor (variegated soft greens, purples, blues, and cream)
2 7oz skeins of orchid
2 7oz skeins of country rose
2 7oz skeins of warm brown
2 7oz skeins of buff
2 6oz skeins sandy print (variegated creams and tans)
and the remaining (just over 5.5oz) aspen print (light blues, greens, and tans)

all the yarn listed above will be used in the three quilt-ghans described and pictured in an earlier entry this week.  all but three smaller skeins were bought today.  i'm pretty much ready for the crocheting marathon.  and i know who is getting what.  i'm not saying, til i'm done; sir-prize!

i'm really looking forward to working on the quilt-ghans.  It'll be a challenge to start and finish all three in sixteen days, but not impossible.  And it'll keep me busy.  I get to be creative, and I'm good at it and I get to express my appreciation by giving them as gifts.  good on me, eh?

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  1. Good on you!  I'm looking forward to scanned pictures!


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