05 August 2008

brush yer teef

  found at 25 Ways to Improve Your Health.  Check it!

I have toothbrushes and toothpaste stashed everywhere so that I can use them whenever and wherever I get the urge to have that very clean, very fresh feeling.  Ya know, in my mouth (not that other fresh feeling with women running across fields of daisies and mothers advising their daughters about douches and other feminine products.  shudder).  I just wished that other people had the urge to have clean teeth, fresher breathe, etc. more often.  {shudder.shudder}


  1. Me too.  Nothing nicer than kissing fresh breath!  Although I think that cat is assaulting the toothbrush.  Your comment about the swimming cat (at my place) cracked me up~

  2. Sounds like me!!! I have about 6 tooth brushes and probably 12 tubes of toothpaste!!!!!



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