15 August 2008

Peaceful Easy Feeling

Living on the Farm like I do means there is zero light pollution; which means that stars can be seen with amazing clarity.  It also means that a pair of binoculars is better than a telescope in most places.  Tonight, the moon is just about in its fullest heaviness; so no stars are visible (the moon tends to reflect too much light so that stars fade in comparison).  Otherwise, what they say is true.

In your darkest hour, you can see the stars.


  1. Wait...isn't there supposed to be a meteor shower now?  or soon?  You want that moon non-full to see 'em.  I think it's called The Perseids.  ??  There's so much light pollution in these parts I don't pay any attention to the universe anymore.  :/


  2. I'm sorry I missed you last night lil nut.  I was puttin' Ma in bed...

  3. In your darkest hour, you can see the starts.  Is that true?  Ah yes.  In my darkest hour, I know there are a few good friends who will shine for me.  (like you)

    I like your farm.  I want to quiet myself in a field and hear the late night buzz of insects while looking into the great universe beyond ... with those billions of stars to guide me.

    Be still Sweet Girl.  


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