01 August 2008


Jesus shits!  And so do I.  My septic tank man pulled up in his politic truck with this witticism in curly cursive across the end of the tank:  A royal flush is better than a full house.  Once the tank was opened, he said, "wow, your shit don't stink."  Yes indeedy folks, it was a proud moment for me.  And ya take those proud moments when and where ya can.

Turns out that like I thought, there were a mess of roots and other lovely networks of fine lines grown across the end of the pipe so even tho the tank wasn't full, the system couldn't drain cuz of the living blockage.  So he suggested I use some copper sulfate to kill off those nasty clingy clogging roots.  I'll let you other septic tankers know how that works for me.

So in lots of ways it's been a shitty week but now?  I'm clog free.  And I wanna stay that way.


  1. Glad you got your shit outta the way so early on in the scheme of things...

  2. Oh my gosh, if I didnt have a client standing about ten feet away I'd be ROFLOL!  You hot shit, you.

  3. This a sign.  Or a metaphor.  Or both!!

    I see good things ahead.



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