05 August 2008

busy update

Today, I ran some errands.  I went to see my counselor, who is going on maternity leave starting next week.  It was a very good session, no loss of control, no tears, and a minimum of pain in a safe place.  Excellent.

Then I went to a few other places before I stopped by to see a close friend who loves my haircut and kept saying at random times throughout our visit that it was too cute and suited me.  I know that, but it makes me feel good when someone gives me sincere compliments. 

Then I stopped by to see a friend who gave me some very unexpected news.  He did measurements on me cuz it's been awhile since he last saw me, and he's a fitness instructor and/or personal-trainer (i can't remember his exact title).  He noticed that I kept tugging up my waist band; these are shorts I bought two weeks ago (first shorts i've boughten in years and years).  So he asked lots of questions to make sure I'm taking care of me and not being unhealthy/harmful to myself.

See, I've never been a self-mutilator, cutting on myself, or whatnot.  I've never allowed any addictions to take control.  I do love food, and am overweight, but I don't gorge and I don't binge and purge,etc.  I'm very mindful of taking care of me cuz I respect myself and love me.  If I feel like I might even been on the edge of danger, I correct.  I do lots of self-monitoring cuz if I don't, my mania gets the best of me.  Let alone any other harmful behaviors or health issues.  So I'm ok, not in danger of being in danger.

I said all that so that you don't think, danger.will. robin.son.danger.  Cuz I'm fine with fluids, meds, sleep, exercise, etc.  k?

Last time I was to the gp, I weighed about *215*.  Now, I weigh less than 195.  I don't intend to keep up that rapid weight loss.  I don't intend to gain any of it back tho.  He said that for my size, body frame, height, and all, that a minimum ideal weight for me at this time would be about 150.

Now, I gotta go sew a few darts into my brand new shorts.  And no, I can't take them back.  I accidentally bleached them.  See youse later.

author's note:  {*215* the picture in the left "about me" bar shows me at the spring equinox '08, about eighteen weeks ago; i was 215 then.  i stayed right around that weight til about a week ago, when i went to the gp regarding an unrelated matter}


  1. I'm glad yer takin' care of you.  Yer important to me!

  2. All you need to do is take care of you and watch the fast weight loss.  As you friend has told you, weight lost fast is harder to keep off, but geesh ... with all the turmoil of the last week or so, I think it might be an expected result.

    Now, you've got a jump on what you want to do ... and can continue ... at your leisure.

    Proud of you for just hanging in and knowing that you can make it.  :)


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