02 August 2008

doing the 'do

My hair is so right!  She cut it a bit higher in the back (I lost about 4 inches), lil longer on the sides so it slopes down on a gentle angle, and left the bangs at chin length for me.  Then she layered it and took out lots of bulk so that it would be a tad cooler.  It's so very cute and looks very good on me.  She loves it and kept getting all excited about it while she was snipping away and she could see the shape emerging.  I didn't see it til the very end cuz without my glasses I can barely see a vague shape that represents me in the mirror.  She said that my hair is perfect for this cut, and that this cut is made for my hair.  It's exciting when great matches are fit together.  grin.

I have to agree, it looks and feels wonderful and is better than I thought.  It suits me like a perfect cuppa tea.  It won't be hard to grow out from here, if that's what I decide to do; but neither does it look like it is an attempt to grow out and in that in-between stage.  It's sorta combination between a shag and a bob.  With an interesting angle.  The thickness of my hair gives the cut some body and texture, and it lays nicely.  yea! for me.

I've already gotten several compliments on it.  grin.  And that's good to hear.

Well, I needa shower, cuz dude!  105 out there and I was out in that all morning and a good portion of the afternoon.  Stankee.


  1. Yahoo!  Yippee!  You must feel like a million bucks.  (and I'm thinkin' some guy is gonna come along and well, you know, flirt)

  2. yup, smile, uhm happened already, twict; this afternoon.  i'm getting my sweet shine back.  grins, me


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