01 August 2008

invasion of the septic suckers

What a way to start a brand new month!  Yea!  With a clean slate, or at the very least, a cleaned septic tank!  You just don't realize how lovely a shower can be when you're sticky with sweat from the August heat til you cannot actually take one for fear of backing up your entire drainage system.  Or how difficult it is to resist flushing a toilet, cuz there is no where for the waste to go til you have to abstain from doing so for fear of needing to swab up the floor.

The septic suckers can't say for sure when they will visit, but they think they might maybe possibly be able to make it in the early afternoon.  This would be excellent, esp since my checks should come tomorrow and I have made an appt to get my hair cut tomorrow after my checks come.  The mail runs about 3p, so it'll be sorta tight to get there in time.  Altho, my hairdresser told me that she will just keep the business open late for me, cuz I'm special.  wink.  She's gonna give me the full treatment, and pamper me.

When I called her earlier this afternoon, she said that she's been wondering for months now where I've been.  She always cuts my hair for a really reduced rate, but even with that, I don't go all that often cuz I don't have money to be splurging on stuff like haircuts.  My hair is way too thick and needs thinning to get thru the August heat.  I'm not sure if I'm going with a chin length cut, or if I will continue to let it grow.  It's just now getting to the length that allows me to put it up.  I'd planned to let it grow, and have been doing just that for about six months or so.  But now?  I'm not quite sure.  One thing I can tell you for sure, I won't be caving to the shaving.  grin.

My mother called earlier today and she may be able to get here during Sept.  She wants me to come out there, but understands that that particular environment would not be relaxing or healing.  Particularly since she's find it a bit frazzling herself.  I've not seen her since last November, so I'm really looking forward to a nice visit with her.  I've got a ton of crocheted hats for donation for her to take with her (for the Children's Hospital in Little Rock).  I've made three shawls for her.  And a wide variety of smaller items, like dish clothes, hyperballic scrubbies, hotpads, etc.  There are still some things to finish up, but I've time.  Infact, you could say that time's on my side, yes it is.

A long time friend of 22 yrs, Brenda (who got married in May, you might remember) and I finally were able to chat tonight.  She's got lots of stuff going on, esp since the kids are trying to eek out the most they can of what remains of their summer breaks.  The kids here go back next week, but in Chattanooga they go back the following week.  Both her kids' birthdays are that week, and between back to school supplies and school clothes and all that, there isn't very much left for birthday presents.

I also caught up with a few other friends today.  In the last three days, I've spent much more time on the phone than I have in the last three years.  Everyone's been calling to check on me and make sure I'm ok.  Which is very reassuring and I do so appreciate all the care and concern.  This will not undo me, altho it has knocked me back a few paces.

All my sweetness, I thought, had soured, curdled, and withered but I realize that is just not true.  In part, it is that very sweetness that I thought destroyed due to such overpowering events here lately, that I'm still here.  My sweetness?  It's strong.  It sustains me.


  1. You ROCK, lil nut!

  2. You DO rock!  And you're busy and sounding a tad better every day ... so, yes, you'll mend and go on to bigger and better things for yourself.  


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