03 August 2008

Happy Yellow House: Criss Cross Quilt-Ghan

  As pictured here, this quilt-ghan is an example of the criss-cross pattern found over at the Happy Yellow House.  I'll be using light sage for the black; the variegated watercolor, orchid, and rose for what is seen here in red/blue/yellow.  I may not have enough yarn so I may supplement and make the center of each criss-cross (+) soft white; but probably will stick with the light sage, to keep that color scheme intact.  I'm not exactly sure and will need to think on it.  I've some time to ponder tho.

This quilt-ghan (shhhhhhhhhhh, our secret, k?  wink) is for the Amazing Miss Monica.  I can say that here, cuz she doesn't read my journal (we eMail lots, and she knows about my journal, she just would rather have personal eMail; and frankly, I don't blame her).  Her favorite colors are light green and pink and any pastel combination.  So I bought those yarns cuz this is just perfect for her.


  1. I am sure the AMAZING Miss Monica will love it, love it, love it.  Would you rather we e-mailed? Okay with me if you'd like, but you still have to journal.  ;)

  2. My sister made these for every body for xmas one year. same pattern, same colors...
    and then she never crocheted again.


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