05 August 2008

ooooooooooo, kentcha smell thet smell?

{i'm feeling lots better this morning, i know that some rough patches are ahead, but i'm hoping i can handle them better than yesterday; but ya know, even if i don't, that'd be ok, cuz i'll get thru it and be alright}

I decided to wash my sheets and some other clothes this morning and I must have been very fascinated with something in the washer cuz I think I dumped half a bottle of bleach in there.  I love bleach, but not that much.  I may need to run an extra rinse or something.  we'll see.

So, now the fumes are very pervasive and even with the back half off the place closed off somewhat; the bleach fumes are permeating every molecule of air that I breathe.  Good thing that I'll be gone for most of the day and the fumes will have time to dissipate a bit.  Cuz dudes, that smell?  Ought to be saturating this entry!  Can't you smell that smell?

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  1. I like clean, but I don't like all the odors, smells and scents of the cleaning products we use.  Ick.


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