03 August 2008

The Happy Yellow House: Geo

  This Geo quilt-ghan is also over there, at the Happy Yellow House.  Obviously, I visit the House often.  It's a happy, sunny place {wink}.  I'll be using a warm brown and a lighter buff for the brown/black pictured here.  Also I'll be using a variegated sandy print for the white blocks.

This quilt-ghan is designated for one of my dear loving loyal readers, so I can't say to whom this will go at this time.  Talk amongst yourselves {grin}.  I will share when the quilt-ghan is sent out and received by the surprised friend who has been helping me thru all this so very much, I really appreciate you.

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  1. I couldn't begin to guess because you are a fortuante woman in that you have more than one very kind, very caring reader!


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