15 August 2008

take 523. aaaaaaaaaand action!

Well, this morning could be rather pivotal to a battle that's been waged for about two and a half years with the US Dept of Edu.  If indeed this meeting with my gp, my counselor, and myself yields sufficient and acceptable results; then I shall be very happy, indeed.  My gp, the entire staff in that office, and most especially my counselor have been extremely supportive throughout the entire ordeal.

For the past six months or so, my counselor has been the best proactive advocate for me; and the ombudsman officer has been very good.  If today's actions do indeed result in positive decisions, it will be due to the two of their efforts to see this thru.  After today, I should know something more definitive within the next two weeks.

Once I receive the decision from the US Dept of Edu, I will speak in clearer terms; but there is too much at stake right now.  Just know that this has been one of the longest, most intricate, difficult affairs in which I've ever been involved.  Even more daunting than being sued by the State of Alabama (which I won, yea for me).

Please think of me and wish me well.


  1. Consider yourself well wished!  Best to not speak in clear terms, especially here, especially now.  There is so much to be lost by saying too much!  Have a great day! :) N.

  2. Candles are firing up NOW

  3. Wishing you the best!!!

  4. Keeping fingers, toes and tits crossed and sending up prayers.   Anne

  5. double-crossed fingers for ya


  6. I've been quietly wondering how this is playing out.  I do hope you find yourself on the good end of the decision.  And now, in late reading, I see why on top of everything else your pa's are coming at you so hard.  



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