02 August 2008

flexing my coping muscles

This morning I went to the Co-Op cuz one can never have enough triple cleaned corn or saddle soap.  My insurance card was out, from yesterday's errands, and I wanted to put it away.  Since my air conditioner ist kaputt, I've been riding around with my windows open.  So I've kept my glovebox locked.  The same key that turns the ignition, unlocks the doors, the trunk, and the glovebox.  As I was turning the key in the glovebox lock, it snapped off.

Now, I do have spares.  One spare is with my landlord (an incredibly long story, that I will not repeat here), and they are in Louisiana, attending a funeral, some ten hours from here.  On the off chance that they hadn't left yet, I called, no joy.

The other spare is with the Shitt.  Since I wasn't thinking, I called him and asked if he still had the spare.  He did, but was less than the small sliver of a man I thought he was.  So I hung up while he was still undecided with what to do.  Given this past month, if I'da waited for his decision, I coulda camped out in the farm store and ate some sweet feed.

Then! I remembered, I have AAA for just such situations as this.  So I called them, again using the Co-Op's phone (they were so very nice and accommodating), and explained to the AAA folks that no, I don't have my card accessible, cuz yes it is locked in the trunk, along with my picture ID; but hey, here's my name, my address, my home phone...and by the way let me tell you what the problem is.  They wanted to tow me somewhere.

I pointed out that without a key, that is not a good solution, cuz uhm hello? I still won't be able to drive it.  Isn't locksmith services covered on my account?  Since I have the toppa d'line card, it should be but my list describing the services available to me is locked in the glovebox.

So they spend two hours calling around to find a locksmith that takes their card and was open.  Nope, no joy.  So I called the Dodge Dealership, which ironically, I could have walked across the tracks and thru the wooded line and been at the place; just a stone's thru away.  I explained the problem, gave them the VIN from my car and they made me a key.  Within fifteen minutes of the call, a representative was at the Co-Op with two keys for me.  He tested them.  I followed him over yonder, he removed the snapped off key portion that remained in my glovebox lock.  And all this with a smile, kindness, and no charge.


So, kiddies, what've we learned here?  One, I can deal with stuff the same as I dealt with it a week and a half ago.  Two, re-affirmation that Shitt?  really is way less of a man than I'd thought.  Good for me to know.

My hair, uber-kewl!  I'd take a pic and post it, but, no webcam and now that I've bought yarn for the Ancient Greek Games and other luxuries like bleach and laundry detergent, I've three dollars to my name.  Life is grand!  I have no other needs pressing at the moment that can't be met some other way.

mad skillz?  i haz em.


  1. You have just reminded yourself and shown some others that we don't need men, we choose to be with men.  Yes, we love them.  Yes, we want to live with them (well, some of them) and Yes, they are uber cool most of the time and we want them.  But we don't actually need them to survive.  

    Shame it took so long to get the keys but hey, FREE!!!!

  2. I'm loving this power you are finding within yourself, Deb!  Grief is a neccessary part of the process, but you've realized it can't last forever. Move on!  Move up!!!!



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