06 August 2008

special delivery from asshole central

regarding some power-tripping supervisors/middle-managers and such, they seem to return to asshole central each night and brings back new and fresh ways to affirm that, yes, they really are asses.  fortunately, i don't really deal with as many of these delightful people as most folks do; i don't work and limit my own exposure to this breed as much as possible.  but sometimes, i can't avoid the fit that hits the shan; even with my best evasively maneuvering tactics up to par.

so that means that when i am splattered, i am usually caught off guard and my brain stutters for a moment while my mouth may spew forth protestations.  granted this happens seldom, but boy when it happens, it seems like it's extra noteworthy.  as a consequence, i think that my sensitivity comes across as drama; and the more i try to hold back, the more damage it seems to do.  this is such that when it comes out, it all comes out in an explosive seemingly disproportionate geyser that becomes a destructive torrent; sweeping all in its path off their feet, startling them into flight.  and then i think, wow, that was...was...like a...special delivery from asshole central.  blink.blink  {gasp}  was that me?


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