07 August 2008

cookie crisps! for dogs! yum!

I don't even know if cookie crisp is still around or not; but when I was a teen, that cereal was brand new and oh boy oh boy they were so popular.  They were these little round disks that were slightly thicker in the middle than the edges, and resembled micro mini cookies (i think chocolate chip was the original cookie crisp).  They were tasty good but nutritionally bad.

Well this morning I fed the furrbees a new type of dog-food (cuz the old type has been discontinued).  As I was pouring it into their tray, I thought, "well those look sorta familiar" and sure enough, it clicked into place and I thought, "omg, my pups are eating cookie crisps!"

I'm not even tempted to give them a try tho, cuz the dogs might chow down on them, but I doubt that I'd find them yummee.  {gag.gag.gag.}

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