04 August 2008

parts is parts is parts

I often want to remove my parts.  Like when my eyes are very irritated, I want to pop them out and rinse them in saline.  Same for my lungs, when I can't breathe due to mold or allergies, I want to removed them (preferably whole, but with a spoon if needs be) and soak them in saline.

When I have cramps, I want to remove my uterus.  I'd put it back in, a few days later.  But just for the time, I'd like to set it up on the bookshelf.

If I have a very bad headache, I want to remove my skull to give my brain room to expand and relax.  Cuz it's cramped in my head.  Just not enough space for all it contains.

Today, I'd like to remove my stomach, cuz it's clenched tight.  Or maybe my nerves, cuz they are buzzing.  Or drain my blood and replace it with fresh blood that is not boiling.

Or wait, can I just remove that portion of mind that is me and air it out?  I'd put all my pieces and parts back together again, eventually.  I just don't want to be me right now.


  1. Now THAT is a thought!  If only we could.  I'll put in a word with the guy upstairs, but I think he'll decline it!   Anne

  2. Now there is a thought.  What a cure ... take it out, tidy it up, put it back.  If only.  Keep in mind though, the clean up from the job might make it a bit ... ooooey.  But I know exactly what you are saying.  Exactly.

  3. Hey... got any ether?  We could do some 'spiraments!
    Love, yer pal,
    Dr. Dangerous

  4. What a pregnant idea. My first time to your journal and I like your ideas. Paula


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