08 August 2008

bright eyed {and bushy tailed}

I've been a wide-eyed willie lately.  {ok, that didn't sound right}  I've been tiring in late evening, taking my meds, dropping off to sleep around midnight.  Then waking around 6:30 or 7 in the morning and getting my day started.  This is an extremely new thing for me.

Usually, I have a very hard time getting to sleep, even with my sleepee-time meds.  Then, I'm very fuzzy-brained in the morning and it takes awhile for my mind to click into place.  I've not willing gotten up that early in the morning since....since...oh.i don't know when.

I'm not feeling jittery and buzzing with hypomania and well into stages of panic.  I'm clear-minded for the most part.  {though i've been needing to write things down, more often of late, which is fine, i'm ok with that.}  I'm not having nearly as much anxiety, and I've been way more mindful than I usually am {which is pretty damn mindful, considering that in the past couple years, i've been more present for myself and aware of stuff in general}.  My concentration and focus aren't so hot, but I'm ok with being less than optimal for the time.

I'm not sure how long all this will last.  But I'm enjoying it while it lasts.  Even if that makes me a wide-eyed Willie.


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