12 May 2012

new neighbor

My mother is moving here to Mississippi!  At the end of March, a new~to~her trailer was moved from a different county to her new patch.  While her new home is structurally sound, it needed a lot of scrubbing, deglossing and Krud Kutting, carpet and pad removed, tacking strips removed, and other prep work.  Then two coats of KilZ stain blocker to all the painted walls and ceilings, tho some of the walls are paneled or partially paneled.  The prep work was intense and exhaustive.

So she is now painting the two top coats where applicable.  She's getting ready to lay the tile on the floors where the carpet/pad was ripped up.  The kitchen cupboards and drawers have been scrubbed, the hardware soaked and replaced.   The window blinds have been replaced, the ceiling fans have been scrubbed, and all the outlet and switch plates have been cleaned {just need to be replaced}.

She's done at least 97% of the work herself.  My husband has been pouring quickcrete parking pads for her, as when the gravel was brought in for the pad for the trailer placement for proper drainage {new laws}, the trucks were so heavy that the asphalt parking tabs were torn up, chewed up, and spat out.  Apparently no matter how you slice it, thirty yards of gravel is some heavy shit!

Some folks are coming in to help move all her stuff in, and while they are here, they will be putting the skirting on the trailer.  Perhaps they will even hang the gutters and downspouting so that when it rains, she doesn't need to worry if the wind will find any cracks or crevices and damp spots appear later.  They might even be able to replace a kitchen light {the one that had been there was a frightful mess}.

Welcome to Mississippi, Mom!

{and happy mother's day to you}

05 May 2012


I've been promising some pix of projects I've recently completed.  As always, click the pic for an enlarged view.  So without further ado:

These left and right pix are of the same throw.  I was messing with the lighting and also the angle, so the colors don't hold true; however the shot to the left is closer to being an accurate representation of the colors.  This throw is too large to be a lapghan, yet too small to be an afghan.  This is my mom's welcome~to~mississippi throw.

An original shawl that I created as I went.  It does have a lil collar, the two sides that drape to the front of the wearer are crocheted while the rest is knit.  Just having fun!

03 May 2012

Cotton District Festival

So a few weeks ago was the Cotton District Festival here in Starkville, MS.  It was held just a bit earlier than usual this year, because the last few years have been so extremely hot that particular day that we were down in numbers, the vendors were down in sales, and it just wasn't quite as much fun as it had been.

This year, Cotton District Fest morn dawned a bit chilly, overcast, and windy.  Which was a nice change of pace, til I realized that the wind was blowing and tearing the sheets from the pads of paper at the writers' booth, making it a nuisance to flip back a few pages to read what others had written, what with having to remove the weighted water bottles first.  So altho we had a nice turnout, it wasn't a huge success.

But most of the other booths seemed to be having a fair number of folks visiting, which was great as far as the festival as a whole goes.  The stands that had the longest lines appeared to be the food booths, especially those serving piping hot plates of bbq, pulled pork, chicken, ribs, jambalaya, shrimp skewers, etc.  The ice shacks and sno~cone vendors were not so happy cuz folks were shivering enough as is and didn't need cooling down.

It was crowded, with families and children and dogs on leashes.  Great fun!  At one point tho, I was hustling to the secure a limerick from being tossed to the wind when I turned my ankle.  I stifled a few explosive curses, which probably made me look as tho I were in even more pain.  The guy that caught me practically carried me over to a chair, the entire time saying, "coming thru, she's hurt, coming thru"; which was sweet, but not accurate, as I think by that time the pain was diminishing, tho my ankle was swelling.

A fellow writer who is very creative and very good at being the social liaison for the writers group jumped into action and rushed over to the first aid tent, which had ice, but no bags to put it in.  The fireman leaped to her aid tho and produced a rubber glove to fill with ice and charged over to the booth where I was propping my foot up to keep the ankle from swelling further.  He asked repeatedly, "an ambulance?  should I call the ambulance thru?"  no, No, NO.

However, a few of us came up with a limerick which captured the experience; but damned if I can remember it...but I do know that there was something about ice in a rubber glove and the fireman showing love and time flying like a dove.  There were even two or three young girls who dropped by to help finish the limerick.  So happy to help, by providing the incident to write about.

I have to praise you like I should

There is something catchy about FatBoy Slim's "Praise You" that I really like.  I'm sure that it drives some folks bonkers, cuz it is very repetitive, but I like that simplicity and it falls in line with my admiration of "tell me something good" and the encouraging endorsement of being appreciated and appreciating others and tell them so.

The reason I've been thinking about these things is because my husband has been so very loving, caring, supportive, accepting, and a bunch of other exceptional qualities that I'm sure my friends get sick of me harping about ~~ literally harping, I have a tiny harp that I whip out and flutter my fingers across while singing his praises.  Did that just make you throw up a lil in your mouth?  Good, that serves your cynically jaded self right.

I've been extremely exhausted for quite some time.  Dreams, nightmares, night~terrors, jumbled and jangled, and when I awake, I'm exhausted.  It would seem humorously ironic, to be exhausted from sleep; but it isn't.  It's terrifying.  Cuz your mind begins to play tricks on you, or at least mine does.  Humans are meant to get sleep, restful, restive, peaceful, lovely sleep.

In the past, nappage has served to provide a great gap to give relief when I've had a rough night.  But that doesn't even seem to be working well anymore.  I easily reach the depths of REM, where the ongoing twisted adventure of anxiety awaits to suck me down and spit me out, even more exhausted than before I slipped between the covers.

Yes, I am addressing this with both my counselor and my pDoc {in this case, she is a nurse~practitioner who specializes in psychiatry~~I'm loving this woman to the nth degree, esp since it took so long for me to find her}.  I've been yappling about it of late with just about anyone who knows me, including unknown folks like you and you and that guy over there with the gum in his hair.

My husband has been right along with me, offering to slay the beasts and demons in my dreams.  He's my hero, always.  Thing is, he can't enter my dreams at will.  I can't seem to control much in the way of my dreams, either.  So his suggestion of calling him forth into my dreams to save the day isn't really viable, tho it is so sweet and loving that it almost makes me cry.  Which these days, it doesn't take much to make me weep, lack of peaceful restive sleep can wreck all kinds of havoc.

I know I haven't been posting much, or often.  Part of that is simply life events and part of that is lacking the energy to focus well.  However, that may be changing.

I have been knitting afghans, lapghans, fashion scarvettes, shawls, and caps.  Some pix are forth coming.  Also, I've been rereading Susan Wittig Albert's The Cottage Tales of Beatrix Potter.  It's a series that I'd begun a few years back, but since she's published more, so I've reread the first few so that I know where I am in the story line.  I'm enjoying them, even if they do take me awhile to get thru...I end up reading paragraphs several times before I realize that I'm not retaining anything and need to pick this up some other time.

In a way, all this seems very similar to ten years ago...with the huge difference that I'm not quite so panicked about it and also that my husband lends me a security that gives me the chance to feel safe in facing these things.  He deserves all my love and he has it!!