04 November 2006

Over there, over there

Hi everyone!!  Since the trend has been one entry per month (snicker), I figured I best write this one before I forget.  Actually, about a week ago I started this accnt:  http://www.myspace.com/dkb1116

Most services are bundled there so I have a home-page which includes links to my(space) blog, my(space) im'ing, my(space) email, etc.  I'm still poking around to see what sorts of features and options are available.  What is so very cool is, it's free and I like free!

Hope you stop by and visit for a spell, but I also understand if you don't get around to it.  I try to keep up with the goings on and doings in J-land, but it is mostly thru the eMailed alerts.  So, there are some things that I haven't a clue on.  I also use changenotes for non-alerted pages.  However, changenotes seems to be nonfunctional lately.

Please know that sometimes, I may read your blog, but don't leave a comment.  I'm not always in a chatty frame of mind and can't always think of what to say.  It is in no way a reflection of your blog, it's a reflection of my mind!

Do take care, be safe, stay comfortable, and have a very happy holiday season!