06 August 2008

we wear short shorts

my shorts that i bought two weeks ago have gotten rather baggy.  i noticed a few days ago i was readjusting the waistband every now and then.  to be honest, i thought they just stretched some and needed to be laundered.  ya know how it is when you wear something for too long, it gets all outta shape.

so i washed them this morning, and put them on, and left the house.  now you might ask why debra are you wearing this pair of shorts and i would answer, it's damn hot in august in mississippi (hence shorts) and these are the only pair of shorts i have.  but you didn't ask, so let's move on, shall we?

within half an hour of my wearing The Shorts, i was doubly glad that i was wearing a long t-shirt.  cuz the waistband had become a hipband.  and then, The Shorts began their slow strip tease from my body.  i was mindful of this, esp as i was hurrying along with my arms full and unable to spare a hand to hoist them into place.

so, i sat down with a needle and thread this afternoon.  i tucked and stitched and tugged and restitched and tried them on, and they fit way better.  except now, while my waistband is a bit more fitting, The Shorts legs are even more flared so that they seem ever shorter than before.

actually they look cute, it's just, i'm sorta struck by it all.  so how much did i take them in?  well, the waistband is now four inches smaller, and still a bit loose (which is fine, really, at least they are not shifting down my hips, in a lewd parody of thug-wear).

4"    wow   grins and spins

i may need to just buy a new pair.  next month, when i have some funds to do so.  til then, The Shorts will do.


  1. Thug wear! DUDE!  Can you crochet beanie hats??????

  2. I was kind of wondering why you would put wet shorts on.  But then I thought, well it is Mississippi and it does get very hot there ... so maybe wet shorts are cooler.  

    Good for you!


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