13 August 2008

the dreams, they are a'changin

I usually dream quite lucidly and remember them, or at least some element in them.  Since dreams are usually a reflection of what your mind is trying to sort and sift thru for that day or time period, I usually don't get all freaked about them.  Usually.

Think of REM sleep as providing your brain with an arena in which your thoughts (overt and covert) are filed to reflect your perspective of the world and its events.  It's important for us to make sense of chaos so that we know our own positions.  Well, those are some of my thoughts about the thinking and dreaming process.

I do have lots of very vivid dreams which tend to cause me some anxiety, in my sleep, as I am dreaming them.  Once awake and able to focus, I realize that while there wasn't anything objectively in the dream that was likely to trip triggers; subjectively, there obviously were triggers tripping everywhere.


Sometimes, I have some pretty damn funny aspects in those dreams that cause the most anxiety for me.  In fact, I'm thinking that part of the anxiety is due to my seeming inability to make sense of those oddities my own mind is presenting rather insistently in the from of disturbing dreams.  Most dreams I do recall are not violent, tho that would make sense at times.  Mostly, puzzling elements linger.

For example, last week, I dreamed that there was a very long line of adults with trays in a cafeteria setting.  We were all taking buckets of chicken and placing them in the center of our trays, in a marked circle's outline.  Then we moved along and filled the rest of our tray with mashed potatoes and green beans.  The chicken buckets were yellow and there was cursive script that proclaimed that this bucket held "Kentucky Fried Chicken LIGHT!"

It was quite amusing on many levels when I awoke.  But dude, imagine my poor dreaming self trying to make sense of buckets of "Light" fried chicken!  And since I've not eaten Kentucky fried chicken in uhm uhhh probably a good twenty years, I can only surmise it was the damn television commercials pushing product.

Light fried chicken.  In.deed.


  1. This is interesting because all of my dreams are goofy but I sort of always go along in them like it's perfectly normal.  I never thing WTF in my dreams.  Only after I wake up!

  2. That is funny.  KFC hasn't been any good since the COLONEL sold out.  Anne

  3. I'm in the minority I guess because I *like* vivid/disturbing dreams.  I think "Wheewwww...at least that sewage is out of my subconsious now".  I find nightmares cathartic.


  4. Give me Kentucky Fried ... served up anyway.  


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