28 August 2008

sweet lil nut says,

Well, hello to you from the Farm in Mississippi!  It's been a very strenuous month and boy am I glad to be seeing the end of August and the beginning of September.  With the first being Labor Day, I'm sure that folks have some special plans, be they cook-outs, vegging at home, or hitting the road or the river for some fishing of sorts {wink}.  Be safe and have lots of fun as the end of summer passes into fall.

As for myself, now that I've returned to home after having spent ten days in a stressful environment, I am unwinding and my anxiety level is resting at a lovely zero (yea for me!).  I'm looking forward to spending some quiet time, reading, writing, relaxing {those 3Rs} and I might even crochet a bit after having not picked up a hook for the entire month.  Ya know how there is that adage about doing something painful cuz it feels so good when it stops?  That's what I feel like!  It truly is good to be home.

Hope you are having a great week's end, whether it's with a new baby, heavy class load, new job, special activities with the county fair, new school year, returning from a trip, about to make a trip, rearranging living space, or what have you; have a good one!



  1. enjoy your 3 R's!!!


  2. Welcome back dear friend, you were missed! (Hugs)Indigo

  3. I'm staying home and doing whateverthehell I want to. Isn't that divine?  Hope you have a great one an glad you are back.  Anne


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