01 August 2008

spinning and sputtering

Has anyone seen the commercial for a cell phone where the mother gazes at her new born crying, then that same baby a bit older and babbling away, then the girl as a child of three or four reciting the alphabet in speedily, then that girl a bit older as a grade school child having a running monologue about which subject she likes and why, and then the girl a little older yammering about this boy who is so hot and then finally the mother hands her a cell phone so that the girl can talk non-stop to someone else?

I think I'm that girl grown up.  Thanks for hanging in there with me.  Even when I have nothing substantial to say.


  1. Interesting, that commercial.  Sometimes we moms really do feel that way ... like, okay, then, enough!  But the truth is, moms, or people with the mom gene in their make up are always ready for a listen.  ;)

  2. The only commercials I see and hear these days are campaign commercials (primary is tuesday)...I hate ALL the candidates at this point.


    (yammer away -- I'm not complaining)



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