04 August 2008

{yawn} sleepee me {blink, blink}

With the exception of Tuesday night (well, ok, technically it was wed morning), I've been sleeping very well and have been to bed by midnight and slept solidly and then awoke by about seven or so.  Shocking.  Just shocking, I say.

Sleeping solidly is something that has not happened so I don't know when.  I usually wake up several times thru the night, even with my night time sleepee meds.  So this sleep this past week?  Very restful.

I did have a couple days in the beginning of this colossal fuck up when I woke in mid-panic attack.  But these last five days, I've woken at peace and centered, without being disoriented or fuzzy-brained.  I've been very pleasantly surprised.

I'm clear-headed and able to begin accomplishing things.  In fact there were several days in which I was raring to go before any of the businesses were open.  That hasn't happened for...years.

On that note, I'm gonna toddle of to bed.  Sleep sweet, my fine friends.

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  1. I am so glad you are sleepin' you sleepy headed lil nut!


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