22 January 2007

ghost busters

some thoughts regarding being ghosted...
check it, ya know ya wanna!

awww, that's so swwweeeet

on the lighter side:

Many Weddings Set for Lucky 7-7-07

*gasp* shockingly, i am not surprised

This just in!!

"Cigarette manufacturers are increasing the level of nicotine in cigarettes..."

Cost of Depression, Global Issue

Well just in case you happen to have scads of money and are looking for something to do, there is something of interest that you can attend!

Soaring Economic Costs from Depression a Global Issue
What: Dr. Thomas R. Insel, Director, NIMH, will present on the prevalence and global burden of depression, its enormous economic impact, and new advances in treatment at the World Economic Forum annual meeting. Depression is the leading cause of medical disability for people worldwide age 15-44 according to the World Health Organization’s World Health Report on the global burden of disease. Depression is common among the world’s population, resulting in significant economic costs. Dr. Insel will also participate in two additional sessions — one that focuses on funding for mental health research and innovation, and another that addresses urbanization from a public health perspective.
Why: The World Economic Forum Annual Meeting, “Shaping the Global Agenda — The Shifting Power Equation.” The World Economic Forum is an independent international organization committed to improving the state of the world by engaging leaders in partnerships to shape global, regional and industry agendas (http://www.weforum.org/en/events/AnnualMeeting2007/index.htm). The annual meeting is the Forum’s flagship event that engages leaders from business, politics, religious groups and non-government organizations to shape the global, regional and industry agendas.
When: January 24-28, 2007
Where: Davos, Switzerland
More Info: To arrange for an interview contact Mary Partlow, NIMH Press Office, 301-443-4536. Dr. Insel will be available for interview on-site or by phone.

18 January 2007

lemme just say this...

do NOT ask me, "did i tell you about the last time i was feeling homocidal?"

Bringing tears to my eyes

I've been feeling out of sorts for awhile now.  There are many small reasons contribute to this off kilter sense of being.  Taken individually, or even in managable groupings, I might usually stride right along.  But taken as a rabid pack, the overwhelming image of flounding in their wake seems apt.

Just yesterday, I had eMailed a friend of mine, who is very familiar with all the goings-on at this time.  She has first hand knowledge of all the ins/outs of my particular positions and situations that occur within the realm of NAMI.  Plus, she embraces all the other oddities of being me.  I didn't have to say much about me, other than to say that 'here it is, this is how i am today' brief line or two.  In fact, I've probably written more in this post thus far about me than I did in yesterday's eMail!

The thing that choked me up, with emotional responses of relief, acceptance, and comfort was so simple.  It was a statement that I myself had made to her, awhile back.  When she was feeling similar doubts, weariness, exasperation, and smallness; I had told her something that I believe.  It is awesome that she calls my words to mind, and that they reassure her.  That means so much to me.  And, this is some of my own medicine that I'll gladly take.  Thanks for the reminder, sweeterpea.

Here it is:

To repeat what you said to me, which I often remember, with great encouragement "you are more than enough because you are mindful."  And you are.

17 January 2007

Telling it like it is, preface

Each time that I have attempted to add an entry, I've failed.  It isn't some technical glitch of my dial-up, my service provider, nor AOL/AIM journals.  It's because of me.

It has been a long time, months, since I posted here (or anywhere) with regularity and frequency.  So now I have no idea where to start.  It is rather overwhelming, to pick up some threads that are in the midst of the weaving and try to follow things to the start or the finish.  I feel much like when I first began the whole blogging process.  That I would need to pluck and begin in the middle, and not worry overly much about explaining all the circumstances and the reasons and provide all the background and foreground.  It's enough to provide the middle ground.

Even that does not need to be complete.

09 January 2007

Potter's Holly How as seen through Albert's eyes


I've posted an entry elsewhere that you may want to visit.  It is about a story I just finished reading, "The Tale of Holly How" by Susan Witting Albert.  That's the second in "The Cottage Tales of Beatrix Potter" series.

02 January 2007


If I had solved the problem in the first place, I wouldn't be faced with resolving.  Oh, wait, THAT'S not what I was going to focus on...the resolving of resolutions, such as the popular New Year's Resolution...k, here we go!

On one hand, I think that resolutions as a whole suck.  For one digit, they are usually some grand noble idea that doesn't actually have a chance of becoming realized.  Self-defeating.  On another digit (same hand), if I am going to make a change of some sort (either to begin doing or to cease doing), then why oh why would I wait til the newest year to do so?  Why put it off?  Just do it (or not, depending).

On the other hand, the new year is a beginning that many seem to acknowledge and as such may serve as a fine reminder to self-reflect and evaluate, for those who do not typically tend to indulge in those thinking processes.  If that sounds sorta snobbish, that's cuz it is.  Being snobbish doesn't mean that it is without merit, though.

On a slightly different note (would that be the ear then?), I am settling back into my routine after having been gone for over three weeks.  My animals are glad to see me, and I them.  They all need bathes in the worst way.  Shaddow has been running through the fields, swimming in swampy ponds, and getting into all manner of situations.  Ziggee has been keeping her company.  Stella has herself a staunch case of worms and fleas (from which the worms came).  They have all been treated today, but I need to have a go at it again (sorta like resolving, see cuz i didn't do it right the first time, the problem is still needing to be solved, this time i ought to buy the right medicine for the right type of worms, sillee me).

Hope all of you are having a fine new year thus far.