07 August 2008

ahhh, peeeeeeeeeeeeeace of mind, mmmm

I just had a very nice conversation and visit that ended badly with my landlord.  The upshot is a very reassuring assertion that I can live here as LOoooooooooooooong as I need.  Mmmmmmmmmmmmm, so very peaceful for my mind.  Home sweet home.

Then my dog chased their cat up the tree and the cat fell off and so shaddow thought (i'm guessing here) that miss kitteh was playing a very fun game, whereupon shaddow lunged at the poor lil dainty housecat.  Terrified of the big bad doggie (all 65 lbs of her can seem very big when you're like five pounds), the cat again attempted to climb the tree, again falling off onto shaddow this time.  All this happened way fast.

It caused such an uproar that both my landlords and all three of their kids set about running and chasing and such.  I again am supposing here, but i think shaddow thought they were playing a herding game with her, as she became very VERY very excited and started zigging and zagging and just having a blast.

I have to go now, and write an apology regarding my child's conduct.  sigh.

{home sweet home}

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