30 January 2009

extreme close up of scroochee hands

I've gotten a mixed bag of reactions to the ring. Most folks are very happy for me, and more than a few are surprised at the speed Jerry moves {bluuuuuuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrr. damn the man's fast*winks*~but he does have a slow hand, too~she assures, humming Clapton's "wonderful tonight"}. As he says, when ya know, ya know.

For the most part, I've been fairly quiet about it. I did write the snippet here a few days ago. I'd told my mom and a few friends, and oh! my counselor. But I've not been walking around with my hand thrust in the air in front of me, or up by my beaming face, declaring to one and all...."LOOK! SEE!"

In fact, some of my friends don't even know. One of my friends is extremely pissed at the moment, because I didn't rush right to her side and gush the entire story in minute detail. But she's also pissed that I even have Jerry in my life, let alone that he is such a great guy, or that he thinks so much of me. So, either way I'd go, it'd be a no-win situation when it concerns her. It's like, damned if I do, damned if I don't.

I do understand the mixed feelings she may have. On the other hand, I'd've hoped that a friend would be predominantly happy for me, cuz that's part of being a friend. Instead of me trying to figure out which way would be the best way to handle her. She's also pissed cuz I'm not making amends.

Ya know what? I'm thru making amends and apologizing for things that aren't mine to worry about, let alone regret and cringe over. Saying that I'm sorry when I truly am, for my own actions, makes sense; sincere sense. Being sorry because my life is coming together nicely and you feel you're being left behind in some cosmic balance sheet is not an option for me any longer.

It never should have been.

29 January 2009

stoned redneck chipmunk

dudes, i've got really good teeth as a whole {a cavity when i was 12, a root canal when i was 13, and another cavity when i was 17}. the root canal was not done very well and neither was the resulting crown some fifteen years later.

last night, i bit down and my root canaled/crowned tooth snapped off. no blood. no pain. just a few fragments in my gum and a gaping hole where the crowned tooth post had been.

the tooth is/was/is right up front. eeekkk. i went to the dentist today and they did a cast/mold of the uppers so that i can be fitted for a partial plate for that one tooth. it's the cheapest route. not having any tooth there is not an option. the dentist said that the acrylic partial will hold me til i can get an implant.

this afternoon, the dentist removed the remaining fragments and cleaned out my gum area. In two weeks, I'll return for my acrylic plate. Til then, I look like a dirt poor stoned redneck chipmunk appropriately named "chip".

28 January 2009

Meet Patches the Camel

Shaherazad's is a small middle-eastern eatery near our local university, here in Starkville. Mississippi State University has its influence on the local flavor, like most places of academe. Shaherazad's has been here for a few years now, and is fairly popular with the college crowd and locals alike. They offer freshly prepared food for reasonable prices and fair portions. There are vegetarian dishes, sandwiches, pizzas, dinners, salads, soups, and wonderful appetizers. Their desserts are scrumptious, too!

It's a friendly place, welcoming folks to come in and sit a spell. If the weather is nice, you can sit out at one of the tables in the front, enjoying the atmosphere. There are also small tables behind the place, near a small pool and fountain with plantlife. Very pleasant.

Jerry and I have been there a few times over the past few weeks. We've had their kafta and shawarma, both in pitas and also served over basmati rice. We've enjoyed their hummus served with tomato wedges, olives, bell pepper slivers, cucumber slices, pepperoncini. I love their mint tea and we sit, eating, chatting, and taking our time, relaxing.

It's a good place to meet your friends, have lunch, or even enjoy some solitude. A taste of the middle-east, tucked around the corner at 612 University Drive in the Big Blue Building, right here in Starkville, Mississippi.

{dudes, I almost forgot to mention the hookah! so as not to violate Starkville's non-smoking policy, they'll set ya up outside, with your choice of smoke from the humidor. oh! and currently, they are offering a lil contest to name the other camel in the back area; winner gets one dinner for two every month for a year.}

27 January 2009


I drink lots of tea. I know, I know; you're all stunned into silence at such an inane confession. Look at the latest accoutrement in my possession!

Just before Christmas, I was delighted to receive in the mail this lil bird shaped lemon presser from a good friend, who's from Shanghai. At the time, I thought, 'oh wow, pretty. what the hell is it?' I flipped thru the packing and found a tiny note scrawled across the bottom of the back of the card's envelope. Aha! "it's a lemon compressor," . Hmmm. So I flipped the lever and tipped the bird's beak in to an imaginary teacup. I finally looked it up on line and saw exactly how I'm to use it. Which is actually how I did use it about an hour ago; tipping it forward into my actual teacup and pouring the juice out the bird's beak.

when the night has come... {'stand by me'}

dudes, i'm exhausted, about to fall asleep on my keyboard; but i did want to let ya know that the casino adventure was fun and there was only one glitch {and it really was my fault, so i can't complain too too much, ya know? i didn't get much sleep cuz i was violently rejecting the contents of my stomach}.

we drove down and had a great time. i got free buffet cuz i signed up for a player's card. and also a lil casino credit to blow {which i did before the night was thru} and drinks as long as you are playing {or look like you might be playing}. the room was comped and so we had a good evening without needing to spend all that much. yea! in fact, i left the place a lil bit better off than i'd started.

so jerry's youngest had a good 21st birthday. her husband had a cool evening. i had a great time, and jerry did too! but i'm getting too old to be so sleep-deprived. honestly tho, i did get to bed a lil after midnight. i just didn't get much sleep, with frequent trips to the 'loo.

before we left, jerry pulled me aside and slipped a garnet on my finger. a promise that his heart is mine and that before the year is out, there will be a proposal and i ought to give some thought to an answer. it's very comfortable, the ring is large enough to fit nicely while not being too large. the setting is tasteful and the stone is cut into a heart with a sterling silver band. very nice, very me.

i gotta digest and ponder it all. maybe in my sleep. g'n'nite.

{this ring pictured is not exactly like mine, but fairly close}

26 January 2009

flying carpets

Later this evening, we will be celebrating Jerry's youngest's 21st birthday by visiting the casino, Silver Star. Years ago, ya know, back when I was a grad student; I used to visit Silver Star in order to scarf down crab legs several times per semester. But I never actually visited the floor, ya know, the actual casino; well, other than to cut thru on my way to the buffet.

For some reason, I don't remember the blinking buzzing bright neon lights and pinging binging zipping zinging sounds that I'm sure are to be found on the floor with all the slot machines, poker tables, blackjack, and roulette wheels with rattling balls. No, what I remember is the carpet. The loud colorful carpet bloomed in reds, yellows, blues, greens, purples, golds, browns, oranges, teal, silver, and every other shade, tint, and color that you can imagine. Flowers, grasses, squiggles, blooms, dips, birds, rainbows, leaves, tigers, hearts, and just about every organic, fantasy, and cartoon critter danced, lept, and whirled across the floor.

I know this is to camoflauge all the wear, tear, scuffs, spills, etc that accumulate on the floor over the years. But all that busy loud carpet would make my eyes hurt. I actually would get nauseous from focusing on that carpet while moving toward the bathroom. I couldn't not look tho, ya know how that is? It's like trying to not stare at cojoined twins, you just can't not look.

It's odd to me, that the carpet is what I remember. There is so much to look forward to, and yet, that carpet is the thing that I keep returning to...I wonder, is it the same? I'd be thinking about the room we'll be staying in, and I'd wonder if the carpeting there is the same as down on the casino floor. I'd be thinking about the fun wonderful excitement of seeing and being with Jerry and his daughter and her husband, and that damn carpet is there, just beneath my booted feet.

I've decided, that I will gawk at the carpet first. Just to get it out of the way. So that I can enjoy the rest of the experience.

Yea! I'm gonna go to a casino! Yea!!

25 January 2009

omg*squeal*she lahks meeee

I had a great weekend with Jerry. In short, we babysat his four month old grandson Friday night and Saturday morning. He's such a sweet baby and nobody grins quite the way he does; his entire body wiggles and his entire face squishes into the biggest droolest grin evah! It's like a special lil reward he gives for you making the oddest fool of yourself for his amusement.

Today, Jerry made a turkey with the trimmings and I stuffed myself. My sense of time warped and it felt like Thanksgiving or Christmas or them both all rolled into one. Like a Thanksmas. Yeah, that works. Heppy Thanksmas!!

I just got home and started to sift and sort thru my eMails and things and guess what! No, I didn't win an entire year's worth of the amazing all herbal supplements to make my penis larger and more fulfilling. You people, such kidders.

Nope. Something even more amazing and fulfilling than that! Kathy gave me a friendship award and wrote me up in her blog as being charming! and witty! and friendly! oh! my!

And she made this, with the note that the mispelling makes it charming, dammit {and write she is, snicker, wright she is}:

Glad yer my frien, Kathy!!

22 January 2009

date night with a babe

This afternoon, Jerry and I did something most teenagers do in secret, then giggle and snicker over.

I joined him while he babysat his newest grandson {just turned two weeks old}.

Bet that wasn't what you were thinking, now was it?

I don't believe I've evah held a lil one that lil. I held him the entire time and it was so kewl. The lil guy was working hard to open his eyes and stttttrrrrreeeeeetttttched lots. He squiggled and wiggled and yawned and made faces that I mimicked.

Yes, I became a drooling idiot.

It looks cute when a baby does it, but not so when a grown woman does.

There was one thing that kept puzzling me. The kid has accordian arms. They have extra creases like he was all folded up in there, and when he came out, his arms just sprung right out and hang down to his knees. I kept picking up his hands and extending his arms, and asking Jerry {cuz he's had five kids and six grandkids so far}, "dude, do all babies have arms this long?"

Jerry smiled at me and reassured me, "he'll be about 5'7" and able to dunk while flatfooted on the floor."

21 January 2009

sharing the snicks from eMail

I hadda share, I just hadda.

Mole Family
A papa mole, a mama mole, and a baby mole all live together in a little mole hole. One day, papa mole sticks his head out of the hole, sniffs the air and said, "Yum! I smell maple syrup!" The mama mole sticks her head out of the hole, sniffs the air and said, "Oh, Yum! I smell honey!" Now baby mole is trying to stick his head out of the hole to sniff the air, but can't because the bigger moles are in the way. This makes him whine, "Geez, all I can smell is...MOLASSES!"

20 January 2009

all hail the red, white, and blue!

The only channel I get is FOX {cringe, i know, i know, sorry} and being Fox, they did not pre-empt the regular programming of court tv {he done me wrong} with some Maury Povich {he is not the daddy} thrown into the mix {high octane stuff there, big roll of the eyes} in order to bring the inauguration to the locals. Since I have dialup, watching any sort of livefeed, streamfeed, or what not becomes extremely difficult. SO, tomorrow, when I visit my local public library, I will attempt to see what I can see.

In the meantime, I thought I'd do my bit to salute the new guy in office. We're all expecting big things of you. Hopefully, we will hold ourselves just as accountable.

That's as it should be

hot chocolate and cinnamon raisin spice oatmeal

ahhh, the things a warm life needs when the wind is driving the chilly temps into the downright freezing range.

The only drawback to drinking hot chocolate and eating warming, filling oatmeal is that I must brave the freezing realm of porcelain 'loo. oh, what chills! what thrills! what chilly thrills! await me in that frigid environ.

This morning, I took a hot shower, made even more steamy by the difference in the air and water temps. Most likely, the water was not as hot as it seemed, which is a good thing, cuz my hands were lapping up the drenched lotion my mother had thoughtfully left for my dry parched pale thin skin.

So, now I'm comfortably snuggled inside layers of warm soft cuddle duds and am very glad that I decided not to venture out in this frigid world today. Tomorrow is soon enough to drop Ziggee's collar, sweater, and things for the Animal Shelter/Humane Society. I'll scoot past there, stop by the public library to chat with the Ladies there for a few, and Jerry will meet me there after he leaves work {also a library, for MSU}. That way, he gets to meet some of my friends. Yea!!

harley's a horn-dog

Oh where to start?

Friday, I'd spoken with Jerry and then ran some errands and talked with a few friends and got home and took a shower and called a few other folks and then, talked with some other folks and then realized that it was midnight and I'd been all happy and stuff, but the very person that I was thrilled with and about was the one person I hadn't called!

So I sent him an eMail, knowing that Jerry'd probably not get it til today, cuz his home computer is on the fritz. But! Saturday morning, he went in to his place of work to get some other stuff and checked his eMail and got my message. So, yea!!!

We got together, and I wrote about Saturday's stuff in the last entry.

Sunday, Jerry came over, and watched the first playoff game here and then we went over to his place and watched the second one. We spent the evening after the game talking about lots of stuff, and getting lots clearer about things, and closer in general. Neither one of us are thrilled about this past week's confusion, but we are both glad that it did happen when it did and that it is over.

For me, it allowed me to settle a few things in my mind that I didn't know needed settling. And Jerry'd pointed out that it made us lots closer, stronger. I agree, because there is no hesitation.

Monday, Jerry had the day off work, so after lunch, we went to see his newest grandbaby and visit with his son and daughter-in-law and they also had a new litter of puppies to see. The baby is just now two weeks old, and he opened his eyes a few times, but was mostly wanting to slumber away some more.

Sunday, I took Shaddow with me to Jerry's to meet his two doggies and Monday, we brought Pearl and Harley over here to my place. Everyone gets along with everyone else. But it was kinda funny, when Jerry left last night, Harley (the male whippet/chihuahua blend) made the other two farm dogs stand down. Ellie Mae and Puppy Klutz are my landlord's dogs who spend most of their time just outside the fence waiting to see if Shaddow will come out and play. I'm not sure where Beider was yesterday. But Ellie Mae and Puppy Klutz are both fairly large, lab mutts, and there's lil Harley, making them lower their heads in submission.

Whatta stud.dog, whatta stud.

Oh! Harley attempts to mount up on Shaddow, and it is too funny to see. I think a step ladder would be required if that were to happen. Shaddow wasn't fazed at all. She just kept doing whatever she had been, and it just wasn't even a factor for her!

18 January 2009

here's the man

Jerry came over to watch the first playoff on FOX {cuz that's the only channel I get, cringe, sorry} and then we'll go over to his place to watch the second game. Friday, we'd made arrangements to go over to Jacki's to watch the playoffs today; but she wasn't feeling so good, so we'll get together some other time.

Last night, after Jerry and I went to Sheharazad's for dinner done right {very nice, muuUUUuuuch better than Wed, shudder, sorry}; we went downtown and walked around, he showed me where what was when he wsa growing up here {this was the library, that used to be the grocery store, oh! and the five and dime was there}. Then we went to another friend's house and had coffee and cake {ok, that was me, i had the deep dark rich chocolate cake that made my toes curl and my mouth have a party}.

After all that, we came back to my place and I showed him some pictures of me in years gone by and we watched some music videos from the 80s. Then I got the shakes, from the caffiene and sugar; I really gotta work on that, cuz I know that is more than likely gonna happen and you'd think I'd tone it down. And usually I do. And then I splurge, instead of all things in moderation. I think too it was a bit of a crash cuz this past week has been so out of kilter for me.

Jerry headed home, and I headed to slumberland and woke feeling fine. Til I started to get many calls and messages and that peaked my anxiety again. I'm on top of it, but I am not interacting with Scott for several reasons, one cuz it'd only be trouble. Two, cuz he says he doesn't understand, and that is a manipulative invitation to interact and dude, I've already told him a number of times what the reasons were/are, if he doesn't get it by now, he won't evah get it. Besides which, it's not my responsibility to keep explaining it for him. I'd like for him to get it, but I doubt he will. So there that is.

I've already spent way too much time, effort, energy, worry, anxiety, etc on him and his issues. I won't be continuing. Just a reassurance that my fickle fits are thru, and boy, am I ever glad of that!

16 January 2009

dethroning the drama queen

ahem, folks, I'm a bit shamed-faced over my behavior over this last week {what the hell was I thinking}; and I am blessed to have so many friends who thought, 'dude this is wrong, but if it's what she wants, it's what she wants and she's got my support'.

i'm truly scott-free.

i need to reconcile this aspect of myself that i didn't know existed; that i could depart so radically from my senses as to even entertain a possible future with a man whose history has included inflicting awful blinding pain on the one he says is/was/is the love of his life, his gift. i bought into it, again. and it didn't take long at all for his true colors to shine thru all the glitz and glamor {in oh so many ways}.

i also listened to my self. i noticed that even in that short period of time, i didn't smile, laugh, feel safe and secure and eager and happy and sweet. i grew troubled, anxious, timid, alarmed, and doubtful. i admitted that, dude, soooOOOooo not good.

so, last night, after hearing, 'i hate you, bitch' and many other things that i didn't deserve and none of the things that i did deserve {and that scott pledged only a few days before to continue}; i decided, 'enough is enough, and this is way tooooo much'.

i think i would have had the niggling thought, the 'what-if' reserve, always in the back of my mind. so i am glad that i did this, cuz now i know, really know. in my bones. and now i can let that go and move boldly forth with complete confidence.

so i told scott not to call me, eMail, stop by, or contact me in any other way. i've not responded to any of his frantic renewed efforts past this edict.

and i felt freer. relieved. able to breathe, able to rest, able to restore my peace of mind.

i will not do anything like this ever again. once was more than enough.

i've spoken with jerry, and a few others {including my counselor}; and all day i noticed that i was smiling, singing, laughing, and more at ease.

so now, fresh from a much needed shower {first in three days}, i thought i'd eat the crow with relish.

thanks for being so supportive.
so sorry for the drama.
my senses are restored from their temporary leave.
hope you all meet jerry, and glad you understand me.

*jerry's blog is here, check it*

15 January 2009

cold parts, warm hearts?!?!?

d.d.d.d.d.d.dude {chattering teeth}, it's fifteen (that's 15) friggen degrees. in mississippi. damn, that's cold. no matter where, that's cold. but in mississippi? d.d.d.d.d.d.d.d.d.d.damn.that.iz.kalt

so i'm sitting here, with two pair of socks on; fleece jammie bottoms {thanks mom!}; a turtleneck, a thermal shirt, a thick heavy sweater over that, two scarves {cuz i made em, and damn, dude, it's cold}, the top of the fleece jammies {thanks again, mom!}; a thick furry double brimmed hat; with a blanket wrapped round my legs.

got the propane heater on, the electric space heater {industrial shop strength, yer welkomm very much 4-County Electric, now youse can build on that extra admin wing}, and back in the bathroom, my other lil electric space heater is circulating the frigid air over the pipes.

that's essential, cuz a few years back, my hot water froze. shit you not, it did. cold water tap worked just fine, hot water tap froze solid. d.d.d.d.d.dude, d.d.d.d.d.damn, but that's fucked up.

shaddow was whispering to me, but i couldn't here thru all the fuzzy layers of yarn over my ears. yes, she's a whispering dog.

i also meditate to her snores. very peaceful. very rhythmic. very zen.

once upon a time...or maybe twice...revisited

Having done something that so clearly defies stated logic, I am at a loss for adequate words. These past few days have been difficult at best, as I debated a future with my 'ex-'guy and taking all aspects into account. The five years we did have together were good on many counts, not so good on others, and a few really ugly spots. That's so with any relationship.

The betrayal and discovery of such last July, tore me apart in ways that I didn't know possible. Thru the fall, I'd realized several things that I knew I'd not go back to. I will not go back, but move forward. I'm including the man you know as "my guy".

The past several days, I've thought about how horrible I am to even consider a possible future without this new person {mr date-dude/my honey} in my life. He's been so caring, sharing, open, wonderfully amazing, understanding, and oh just so many other attributes, characteristics, and great awesome ways of being that it is that much more difficult to arrive at the decision I did yesterday afternoon. Even his way of caring for the best for me, even after I dashed him against the rocks. He's so integrated me into his life, and so many wonderful people have thought wonderful things about me. Too wonderful, considering what I've done. This man deserves so much more and we had such a wonderful past month that yesterday evening was one of the most difficult for me.

See, I decided to go with the man who ripped me asunder last summer. The man you all know as my guy in these pages of the last five years. It was a heavy decision, not made lightly. I weighed all aspects, and made a decision that defies logic.

I understand if you are disappointed, even feeling betrayed. How could I do this, knowing how devastated I was in so many ways, not the least of which was the shredding of my peace of mind. How could I?

I did. I am. I will continue.

13 January 2009

snores, wrinkles, and joints

This afternoon, I'd stopped by my flpl and had a nice natter. Then I settled myself into an armchair upholstered appropriately with a heavy canvas printed with books scattered and falling thru the ether. Niiiiice.

Whilst there, my lil'st friend hurtled her silly self into my waiting arms and snuggled down with me for a few minutes {that's our routine, it makes both of us more pleasant, restores the smiles to our voices}. Then she popped up and fingered my soft wide thick pink'n'cream scarf. She covered herself with it, and then announced to my chest that I was to be her pillow. I agreed, and added that she would be my blanket. Then we slumbered in heavy deadened slackness, to the delight of the folks behind us using the computers.

She perked her head up and scolded me, "mizz debRAHHHHHH, you snore!" I agreed, explaining that all old people snore. She shook her head rather adamantly, assuring me that I have no wrinkles. Except there {she pointed a lil finger at my forehead}, oh and there {pointing at my neck}, and right there {pointing at my wrist}. Before she could continue pointing out my non-existing excepted wrinkles {also to the delight of the folks behind us using the computers}, I told her that I have wrinkles on my wrist cuz I bend it {demonstrating by nodding my hand at her}. She gaped at her wrist, exclaiming, "hey look! I have wrinkles too!"

"Yep," I said, "you do; cuz you gotta joint." {by now the folks behind us were convulsing in snickers, chortles, and hoots; no longer using the computers} "A joint," she gasped in awe, staring at her wrist in wonder. "I have a joint," she somberly said.

I gave her a moment or two to soak that in. Then she urged, "where else, mizz debRAHHHH, where else?" So, I showed her joints in her fingers {wriggling my own} and in her wrist {flapping my hand around}, AND in her elbow. By then she was getting the idea, and chorused with me, "shoulders! and my other arm! and my head! AND my legs and oooooooooooohhhh my TOES!!!" All the while wriggling about in my lap and positively crowing with delight, which is probably frowned on in most public libraries, but not my flpl. Oh, no, not mine.

My lil'st friend and I animatedly awed each other with other bodily announcements, including drums, deep in yer ears!! By now, the folks behind us weren't even trying to contain themselves, and my lil'st friend leaned close to me, very seriously staring into my eyes, warning me, sotto voce, "those people are laughing at you, mizzzzz debRAHHH." I solemnly nodded my head, then whispered back,

"They're not laughing AT me; they're laughing WITH me."

12 January 2009

once upon a time...or maybe twice

dudes, i've never watched the beatles's yellow submarine before last night, and i was just about snickering myself into hacking up a lung over some of the witticisms tossed about. among them was this gem: i warned you not to eat on an empty stomach.

i've written of the jammies that jacki got me for christmas awhile back, and even took a blurry pic for ya to see that they were light pink hearts arranged like flowers on a darker pink cotton.

well, memom also gave me jammies for christmas. these are a pale blue with darker blue and pale greenish blue stars and moons.

i just need some jammies with shamrocks, and i'd be a lucky charm.


09 January 2009

Secret Sillee Mee

I belong to an online service that allows me to list all books I've read, would like to, favorite books, and such. It's called ShelFari and you can see the linkee on the left.

One of the groups with ShelFari ran a Secret Santa exchange. I loved picking the titles to send and I loved the titles I received; it was so much fun!

Well, there is a lovely lady named DollyMama who also signed up for the Secret Santa. She sent her books to her person and they just loved them too; but unfortunately, the woman who was to be DollyMama's Secret Santa did not follow thru with her titles. DollyMama has been extremely patient and very understanding.

So I remembered how much fun I had picking the titles and bundling the books and sending them off in the mail, imagining the joy of the recipient, that I decided to send some to DollyMama. It's too late to be Secret Santa, so I decided to be Secret Sillee Mee {shhhhhhhh, our secret *wink*}.

Oh, joyous giddy gigggles!

Dragon Hills

Yea! Yea for me! Yea!

I'm going to MoonDance 2009 with my honey, at the end of May, over there in Georgia.

It's a five day event, jam-packed full of friends, camping, laughter, fires, drumming, circles, and such.

For years, I've been wanting to go, and this year, I'm gonna!


08 January 2009

it's a marvelous night for a moondance

If you've known much of anything about me, my tastes, my tats, etc.; you'd not be surprised when I say that I absolutely love Love LOVE this graphic.

For those who've actually seen my back, this will make you smile as much as it delights me!

So very beautiful. *sigh*

This one, oh I can't even adequately convey the warm ecstasy this lovely brings to mind and body.

It soothes and stimulates my very soul.

I hope it brings a lovely nourishment to you as well.



chilly willy, meeeee!

It's been a bit chilly, and I see the forecast is calling for a series of cold nights. So I've got my hat on, see? My nose isn't orange, like it is in this pic, but my cheeks are just as chubby.

So here I am, staying warm, and chubby; savoring the snuggles.


07 January 2009

weird beards

my very favorite of the ones shown here is this windmill tableau

but this one, takes a close second!

06 January 2009

grading myself

baby bib!

this is the very first baby bib i've attempted to make. it actually turned out very nice and am pleased with the shape and the weight and the tight stitches.

not so sure about the ties.

overall: A-

baby boy makes his appearance

i love this graphic, it shows the seasons of life on a full tree and that means so much to me.

welcome to the world, lil guy!

{just for clarification's sake, no the baby is not mine, ya didn't miss anything! he's new to the fold}

05 January 2009

baby boy's hat...ya know, when he gets here

Nope, the baby hasn't made his appearance yet; but here is a warm hat for him that I made today.

I decided not to get out in this rain today. But tomorrow, I gotta. I have a couple appts and also have some errands to run, bills to pay, meds to buy, people to see, things to do, places to go...ya know how I do, eh?


baby boy blanket

Yesterday, I started this octagonal baby blanket/mat. And I just finished it now. Yea!! It's for a baby boy that was due yesterday but hasn't made an appearance yet. I'm sure in the next day or so, one way or another, that kid's coming out! The mama is plenty tired of toting him around in that manner.

These blankets are a nice size and shape for some parents who spread them out on the floor and use them more as a mat than a blanket. They are perfect for that baby who is just getting to the push-up stage, but not yet to the scooting-away mobile state.

right. k, now i'm really gonna call it a night.


04 January 2009

on being a mouth breather

I sound like Darth Vader committing a crank call. Like I'm in an invisible oxygen tent with all sorts of gizmos pumping and whoooshing air in and out of an iron lung. I feel like I've an iron lung, right beneath my rib cage, pressing heavily into tender essential organs like hearts and stuff, ya know?

Is it really the middle of the first week of the new year? Damn. sigh. How'd that happen? Why do I already feel so far behind? Well, tomorrow will dawn well before I climb outta bed. Then, I simply must get myself to the doc to get this cruddy congested cough cleared up. And get all my meds (tis that time of the month, bills, bills, bills, meds, and bills). And, ya know, do the rest of my errands and pay rent and stuff like electricity. Ooh, yeah, and my car's inspection is due this month. Which I'm dreading, cuz I just know that my car is gonna require some other major dramatic visit and stay with the fix-it dudes.

I've been crocheting my lil silly self into all sorts of baby finger tight loops and stitches. I don't like big lacey things, and most especially not for lil babies, cuz they got lil fingers and toes that snag into those lil holes that stitches in yarn can leave. So, I always crochet a nice tight intricate stitch so that Baby's fingers won't get snarled and twisted and all that. Blankies are dangerous traps. nodding solemnly.

So, tomorrow, in the daylight, I'll take a pic and post it. Ya know, if'n I get myself to the doc and back in good time with good breathing capacity. Crappy hacking crud. nasty stuff. she mutters, just nasty ass crappy crud. sigh. {hack*hack*hack} hooooooooooooooooonnnnk

02 January 2009

giftee, that's me

I know it's a bit blurry, but these are the gifts that I got in the mail today! love the seasons, the trees in needlepoint; love the knitted stretchy washcloth; love the beautiful card with a lovely message; and love the amazing lady who gifted me with these wonderful things!!

AND I gotta kick ass betty boop long sleeved t {wink}

look! i made a stole, shrug

Yesterday, my throat began to get that sore swollen feeling {yuck} so I guzzled vast quantities of hot tea. Mr Date-Dude took me to a movie, and then we went to eat. We enjoyed the evening, but I was flagging fast. He brought me back home, where I made even more tea. I would have gargled it, but some things are a bit too gross for company, ya know? Very considerately, he took an early exit because I was all but slumped over the kitchen table, drooling and snuffling into my shirt's cuffs. Shortly there after, I took a hot shower, climbed into my new fuzzy star'n'moon jammies and tucked myself into bed.

I feel lots better.

That's good, cuz one of Mr. Date-Dude's daughter's and her man are making dinner for the four of us tonight and I don't wanna punk out on that. Esp since the daughter and her man are living ten hours away and who knows when we might see each other again; they leave tomorrow. This holiday season has seemed to last and that's been good, except now I'm tuckered out and ready for some restive snuggling wrapped in my cozy comfy covers like a burrito with hair sticking out the top as my head just barely clears the folds. Gotta keep the nose in the clear, it's like my snorkel, and as long as it's in the air, I get to breathe.

And that's good.

01 January 2009

ringing the new year in at twennee friggen degrees

Happiest of newest years to you and yours!

There'd been a change in plans due to one friend's illness and so we were going to change the venue to my place. But there was another change and Mr. Date-Dude picked me up and took me to his place where I baked cookies, enjoying doctored eggnog and hot tea {not together, cuz ewwww gross} and visited with a vast assortment of peoples. I always think that a small number of children is actually way more than it is. It's cuz they zip around and babble so much, and I gave them hyper lil buggers more sugar and caffeine cuz I'm evil and I don't have to stay awake while they tear the house apart. {muwahhhahahahhaa} The Baby was more my speed, tho it was good that I wore many layers cuz after a few spit-ups and liquid burps, I had to go change. Oh that white wet stuff? Yeah, not whatcha thinkin'. Cuz dude, I wasn't that much fun tonight. In fact, once the new year was rung in, I pooped out. I was gonna prop myself in the corner with the dogs and the exhausted kid and crash, but Mr. Date-Dude braved the roads and drove me home. So I could sleep in my comfy bed, snuggled under my comfy covers, while shaddow snores peacefully on the rug in front of the space heater turned on high.

Cuz baby, it's cold outside!