06 August 2008

a few more of those writings from ago

Growing ~~March/April 95
Standing firm
Well planted and rooted
Strong and nourishing I am
Me, a little girl with big, big dreams of being someone
With glasses and a bun
Well, I’m half way there and coming up strong
And watch me, watch me
Whirling, swirling, stomping
A dervish and good wise woman
So tell me, tell me, tell
Me, a little girl, with big round eyes
Hair to my hips
Grinning deep and wide
Lifted chin help high
To the sky
And woman
Oh good wise woman
Do you not know me?

“beauty” ~~22 January 95
she was not pretty
with eyes of coal, cornflowers, or sea storms
nor were her lips
like luscious ripe strawberries
her cheeks were not
high and regal
her chin, not
small and pointed
nor was her skin of
peaches and cream, alabaster, ivory, or olive
she wore no
dresses of silk or sheer camisoles
her frame was not
one of willow or petite fragility
her hair held no flames
was not mistaken for raven wings, or
flowing in rippling cascades
over her shoulders to an enviable length
she was not pretty
rather, beautiful was she.
sexuality, sensuality, and fear  ~~
22 January 95
it is a thing to hold in high regard
as it is elusive
a healthy respect, if you will,
for a slippery subject of conversation
a thing to speak of
or avoid
dwell upon
or ignore
a subject which is capable of bringing such pain,
unbearable in its intensity
and is viewed as somewhat

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