04 September 2007

hey, over here...i'm over here!

not to worry about the inactivity of my journal this past weekend.  i went to visit a dear friend, greta.  now, i am visiting my guy.  he comes to see me almost every weekend, driving about 2 hrs one way and never complains.  i go visit him at his place maybe 4 or 5 times a year, and stay for a week or so each time.

even tho i rested lots while i was at greta's, it was still more activity than usual for me and so i would check my mail, leave a few comments for russ, and then hit the sack.  today i drove to my guy's, which meant that i was extremely tired upon arrival (he's about 3 hrs from greta's new place) and so we napped.  i'll be visiting with him for the better part of a week, my landlords are furrbee feeding and sassyfron sitting.

anyway, there will probably be a glut of scanned debra-doodles when i arrive home.  but since i have no scanner avail to me here, at His's place, i'll just be posting text from time to time.  have no worries, i'm not stuck in the hospital or passed out unattended in my home.


  1. Thanks for checking in!  2 hours?  One of you needs to move!!  LOL



  2. If you both moved one hour, you'd live right next door to each other.  That could be good.  Or bad.  Hmmm ....

    Happy Week Away!


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