15 September 2007

Excitement & Entrapment

This afternoon, Ziggee and Shaddow took to raising ruckus and I couldn't see what the fuss was all about.  Then Shaddow left off and took a nap, but Ziggee was adamant that he was going to keep barking at whatever intruder it was.

So I finally gave up trying to concentrate and went out to see what the alarm was raised for.  Ziggee, my lil 6 pound rat-cha, cornered a turtle against the wire fence.  The turtle had no where to go and Ziggee was frantic with excitement over his trapped prey.  I don't know what he expected the turtle to do, he couldn't go anywhere.  It's not like Ziggee was planning to feast on the turtle, I don't think.

Anyway, I brought it in, but I'm going to take it back out as soon as I get some shoes on.  I wanted the dogs to settle a bit before I release the turtle in the wide-open field.  After all, he probably has an appointment in the woods tomorrow morning and must get moving to get there on time.


  1. Pets!  They make life interesting.  :)

  2. Ziggee is lucky it wasn't a snapping turtle!



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