18 September 2007

Domesticated Debra Makes a Comeback

I decided to bake a few things.  A fruit compote that looks to have turned out way better than expected was a complete experiment.  It's one of those confidence building things.  See when I was a child, like 7, I baked cakes and cookies from scratch often.  By often, I mean several times a week in the cooler months (I lived in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania at that time, cool weather lasted from September to May).  But over the years, I feel outta the habit and forgot more than I now know.  So slowly some of the tricks are coming back (ya know, three decades later).  Mostly I've been baking boxed mixes, but there are a few things that I am beginning to feel like maybe I could wing on my own.  So the fruit compote is a bit of an experiment, it looks good, smells good.  Hopefully it will taste just as good.

In addition to the fruit compote dish, I'm making pumpkin bread and also some banana nut bread (from boxed mixes).  I plan to take the breads in to two friends tomorrow.

And there is something I threw together that is waiting its turn in the oven, cornbread (boxed mix) with jalepeno, salsa, egg, and cheddar cheese soup.  That's an experiment.  I'm not sure why I added the soup except I had no cheese and thought, well maybe that would be the liquid in addition to the cheese.  I'll give it a whirl.

So, I've almost the laundry put up.  And sometime this week I'll be defrosting my freezer.  And I found just the ticket for mom's 60th next month.  I'm gonna start crocheting it tomorrow.

More as it comes.  Oh!  Still haven't heard anything from the social security administration regarding my continuation review decision.  I did call and leave messages last week.  It's been a month since the last interaction.  I've also done some work on the student loan stuff and I know what the next step is on my part; I'll be writing a letter and sending it to various folks at the Dept of Education, legal aid, and the consumer council (who made proposals regarding the federal code toward student loans and disability).

say g'nite debbie.  (g'nite)

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