25 September 2007

From the Domestication Diaries

My landlord is joyously engaged in Debra's Plumbing round 2.  After several trips between my house, his house, town, the ole barn, the big barn, and the tool shed; my landlord informs me that he is gonna saw thru the pipes now.  As he was covered in thick mud slurry (it's the front end of the trailer, not the septic tank side), he looked happier'n a pig in shit.  Plus he gets to use heavy duty power tools and grunt alot.

I thought he'd be kinda pissed.  But he seems ok with it all.  Since I've been here for over 5 yrs, and haven't had problems of this nature before, maybe he figures it was bound to happen sometime soon.

I'm glad I'm not a home-owner.

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  1. Your last line said it all...owning a home SUCKS!!!  I miss apartment living.



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