30 August 2007

momMAH, it hurtz mee

i've been on a bagel kick.  and i love hot, spicy stuff.  i bought a jar of jalapeno slices last week and it is mostly gone.  last night i made a bagel, spread some veggie-cream cheese on it and placed a few jalapeno slices on it and chomped it down.  it was so good.  a pepper slice fell off and saffron stuck her nose on it really fast, before i could get it.  she jerked her head back and shook it really hard a few times and then licked her nose.  which was probably a mistake cuz then she stuck her tongue out and looked at me.  so pitiful and reproachful.  poor thing.


  1. Awww, poor thing! I'll bet that was one painful experience. (Hugs) Indigo

  2. Veggie cream cheese RULES!!!  You should draw a picture of Saffron's face after that experience.


  3. Oh sorry Saffron, but I just couldn't help but chuckle!


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