12 September 2007

Le Mon says,

ok dudes, i need some feedback, which of the Le Mon graphix are easiest on the eyes and appeal the most.  i don't want to get too complicated, but i do know that if i get something down then it will flow lots smoother.  I realize some of the color and font size (hell, maybe even font style, tho i am partial to lucinda handwriting, so i may have veto powers!) are better than others.  it's been easier and faster and more convenient to do this generated on internal software than to scan my sheets in (tho i can do that when i am at home and no doubt will, but for Le Mon, he's a trippy dude (thanks russ!!) that may have found his digs in paint versus sketches).


  1. I say it's your lemon and you should do what suits you!  I like either.  The personal sheets scanned gives us more of 'you' personally, but the lemon is darned cute!

  2. I like the scanned sheets more...just an opinion.  The yellow on green on green is a little tough to read on my computer.  Or else my eyes are just tired.



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