15 September 2007

Let the scanning begin!

First I gotta say, dude! that turtle moved fast!  He scuttled across my table lickity-split, startled me and Saffron.  It was a funny scene I am sure, great for youtube video, but there was no recording device (well, that i know of, anyway, snicker).

Remember back when I was at Greta's or my guy's, and said that I would have a frenzy of stuff to share when I had access to my scanner?  Well, I entered all the sketches and things, and am uploading them to photobucket as we speak, well as I type.  Some of them are references to things that may not make much sense, but they did to me at the time.  I'm just gonna pop em all in and let you gawk, or not, as you see fit.

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