14 September 2007

Thank you so very much.

During the summer 03, the Social Security Administration and I waltzed.  I say "waltzed" because it was an intricate dance of steps in which I began, and they led me through a gauntlet which was hair-raising and complex.  I say "waltzed" also because I am a rarity in that I received approval first time out.

Yes, I do know how very very very very rare that is.  Not only did I receive approval, but I did it without a lawyer.  I did it.

Now, I know that it depends on tons of factors and variables.  Lots of other folks get involved, copying records to get them to the right place by the deadlines, making sure they provide complete records and don't skip this section or that crucial test result or progress note.  It is a process with trials at every breath of the way.

In the meantime, there were other folks who monitored me, who made sure I didn't sink through the layers of muck and mud.  There were folks who breathed for me, who took my frantic calls because I collapsed and stabbed myself while making a salad because the medication was poison for me.  There were advocates who helped me get thru another hour, day, week, summer.  To them, I say a heartfelt, "thank you so very much."

This summer, four years later, I am experiencing my first continuation review.  It's been difficult in some ways, and seems more so because of the Dept of Edu fiasco mentioned in the last entry.  Again, I've been extremely grateful to those folks who've helped me through this.  As of yet, I've not been given a formal decision.  And I've been trying not to let paranoia get the better part of me, because I know that reviews do occur.  I just find the timing to be extremely odd, considering the crap with the dept of education at the moment.


  1. Sending good luck vibes in your direction!!


  2. LOL I can definitely appreciate what you are going through. Let us know the outcome!

  3. Crossed fingers and very good thoughts your way!  :)


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