28 September 2007

Happy Autumn!

It's autumn no matter which way you look at it here in Mississippi.  The weather is a lil warmer than seasonal, but it's still way cooler than it had been a few weeks ago.  The trees are changed, the nights are great for sleeping, the animals are frisky, and the calendar says late September.

Wahoo!  Autumnal Equinox has been hurdled and we are bearing down on October, the official start of the Holiday Season for me.  Mom's birthday is at the end of October, then Halloween, then my birthday, then Thanksgiving, then my guy's birthday, then my dad's birthday, then Christmas, and New Year's.  whew.

Hope your evening is wonderful!

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  1. I'd love for autumn to *really* be here, but it's avoiding Hooterville for now.  It was 86 degrees here today.  :(



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