25 September 2007

Ever in RECORDED history

There are plenty of commercials that make me cringe.  Most are just that bad.  Now there are some commercials that are kinda cool.  Cleo award material.  (actually i think it's clio, and yes, i am on the net, and yes i could look it up and no i'm not gonna)

but this one just makes me want to reach thru the radio and slap the dimwit.  i know he didn't write it, and he probably needed the money to pay bills.  but still.

it's the one for match.com.  the one where the guy is mildly panicked and clearly awestruck as he asserts that they now have more women registered to the site than EVER IN RECORDED HISTORY.  *gasp*

now i know that commercial has been around for at least a year.  but the thing that gets me is that at the very most, the website (and its records) has been around for 10 yrs.  if ya just think about population and internet usage, increased numbers of registration for tons and tons of services are probably going "thru the roof" (another snatch from a pesky commercial for slim fast).

but match.com makes it sound like "recorded history" could quite potentially be ya know, history, like of the universe.  or maybe it's just me.  i'm wondering how many folks are flocking to match.com so they can meet the women (there is another commercial that expresses awe over the numbers of men now registered with the service.  yes, they alternate air time), because of snippet of struck-dumb with hallowed halls of recorded history.

jaded.  i'm jaded.


  1. You may be jaded....bit I'm the jaded KING!  Don't forget that!  ;)


  2. Jaded isn't all that bad a 'thing' to be.  

  3. If your jaded, then I have to say it's a very good thing indeed. I've been jaded by tons of stuff lately on tv. The drug commercials that end up listing so many side effects it makes you wonder why bother, seeing as the side effects are worse than anything your being treated for anyway. Yeah, I'm back and trying to catch up with you. (Hugs) Indigo


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