20 September 2007


does anyone have any experience with gmail?  i use google quite a bit and am wondering what the users of g(oogle)mail have to say.  i have read mixed reviews and am not sure how accurate some of the info is.  it seems a tad biased, but i don't know if that is realistic or not.  so if you or yours have any sort of info to share, i'd love to hear it!

the main reason i didn't keep the blogger/blogspot account was because at the time, it didn't fit my needs and i already had the aol/aim account.  currently, i use peoplepc as my isp, so i use their email service too, and access it thru webmail (altho outlook is an option, i just like webmail better than outlook).

any comments on this, more than welcome!  thanks.


  1. I don't know anything about gmail ... or any other.  I've been with AOL since we paid by the minute!  LOL

    Now it's free and since I access with Comcast DSL, the only problems I now have are with AOLs idiosyncracies.

  2. Don't know a thing about it except it sometimes has glitches similar to AOL, Yahoo and every other email provider...



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