28 September 2007

The Huge Hat...

...is becoming a tote-bag.  Which I will still wear as a hat.

The last time I shaved my head down to the scalp was...uhm, last summer?  I think.  I know I kept it very short for quite some time.  My head-dresser (she wasn't my hair-dresser, altho she was for others) uses snippers and clippers and tries to do something to encourage me to allow my hair to grow past the influence of the many cowlicks (she says I have at least 7 if not 11).  Or barring that, use dippitiy-do or whatever they are calling pomade this week.  I told her that if they could stock Dapper Dan, then I'd consider using "hair-product".

It's been at least 10 weeks since I've last plopped down in her seat, making it fart and wheeze.  Because my hair grows at an extremely fast rate, the cowlicks have relinquished their powerful hold on my head.  My formerly short fringy bangs which just barely cleared could be called 'bangs' (see an example here), are now shaggy and look more like this (minus the kid).

I figured if I could get thru 6+ weeks of 100+ temps without shaving my head, then I could deal with it growing thru that awful inbetween stages that are painful to watch, let alone have.  Well, I bested that challenge, I tell you!  So, I figure to just let it grow and grow until i can get it trimmed and shaped to encourage further growth.

It's odd.  Cuz not only am I letting it grow, but it's all natural.  No dye-it-yourself jobs.  No perms.  No nothing.

Just me.  and my hair.


  1. I shaved my head once. When a guy I was dating loved my hair, and told me if I ever cut it we would be over. So I shaved it. I have never been one to be told what to do by anyone. Right now the first pic would resemble my own bangs. I tend to keep my hair wicked short, shorter than most guys these days. I love the fact I can carry it off well. (Hugs) Indigo

  2. I just could never ever shave my head.  Some guys look kinda hot bald, but I would look like a mutant.  Trust me on that one.



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