20 September 2007

"time to make the donuts"

i woke up and couldn't get back to sleep.  as i lay in the dark, i thought about a few things, but the predominate thoughts dealt with how the days and nights are of equal length.  Autumnal Equinox is here.  sigh.  which means that the days are getting shorter and the nights are getting longer and although i use my low setting on my air conditioner at times, it won't be all that long before i clean my propane heater.  i will put that day off as long as i can, by wearing layers when necessary.

finally, i admitted defeat.  sleep will probably want to revisit while i am at my friend's house today.  so i got up and am now making a tea bread to take with me, along with the ginger bread i made last night, to adria's.  she is having a yard sale and altho i will not haul myself in for the break-of-dawn early-bird rabid yardsalers, i did tell her i'd help out.

her children will be there, 3 and 8 years old.  the sale is going to be quite large, as there will be some stuff inside and some stuff outside.  her 3 yr old grew so much this year that the pants she had set aside 6 months ago, because they were too large are now too small.  adria is very particular about the condition of the things she buys and sells so i'm sure that the items today will be well worth the price she attaches.

and i also know that if needs be, i can nap whilst there.  she is well aware that my energy level doesn't always cooperate with my desire to do things.  and another friend will be there too, helping out.  so if things do get to be too much, i can leave the scene.

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  1. Have you tried melatonin?  It sometimes works for me....sometimes.



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