23 September 2007

it ain't right, it jest ain't right

All that baking I've been doing has hazardous side-effects.  First off, lemme tell ya this post ain't gonna be pretty.  Having said that and thus guaranteeing that you will continue reading, let me get to the guts of it all.

Clogged pipes.  Internally, I can testify that my own personally plumbing is a bit congested these past week.  Proper colon care is sooooo underrated.  sigh.

All that flour, powder mixes, battered bowls, baked on spills, greased pans...the pipes from my kitchen sink are clogged.  Hell, for all I know, that flour and water could have paper maiched the entire of my trap, never to allow the free flow of soapy dishwater again.  And speaking of soap, I know it can contribute to gunk build-up, but don't DAWN and other dish-detergents brag about their grease-busting abilities?  Then how come my sinks are clogged, huh?

I've still standing water.  Despite an ENTIRE large sized bottle of liquid plumR (which is spoda have at least 5 treatments in it) and 3 hrs and aggressive industrial plunger action the pipes are still clogged and I've still standing water.  In my kitchen sinks too.

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