21 September 2007

tonight's experiment

I was more tuckered out than I thought from yesterday's activities, sun and all.  I ended up staying home instead of going in to help my friend with her second day of the yard sale.  It was ok, I called and spoke with her and she had a few other folks to help her today, including her mom.  So that was cool.  I just need to remember to pick up my card table sometime.

I sorta puttered around a little today here, didn't even get out of my jammies.  Then, I fell asleep while reading and awoke very disoriented.  I feel some anxious, even though I've been up for hours and the nap hadn't been that long.

Tonight, I sauteed a white onion and a yellow onion, then I scrambled eggs, milk, and cleaned canned salmon with salt and pepper.  I also prepared a huge amount of rice.  I'm waiting for it to cool a bit, but it smells good and looks good.

Hope ya'll are having a good night.

1 comment:

  1. two words:  RED BULL

    (heh heh heh)

    You needed the rest.  




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